Tenacious Ventures

At Tenacious Ventures we specialize in:

• Multi-camera productions with switched cameras, graphics, videos, interactive calls etc…
• Live stream / webcasts (Hosted on our servers or client designated servers)
• Social media integration with shows onsite and in the live video production
• Commercial shoots & Highlight videos
• Remote internet services for live stream and audience WIFI

Our client list includes: Zillow, Microsoft, Avalara, The Gates Notes Foundation, Walgreens, Clarisonic, Lincoln Square Cinemas, Benaroya Hall, Bungie Studios, Global Washington, Washington Interactive Network, City of Seattle and more...

Contact us at Info@TenaciousVentures.com for estimates or questions.

See a few examples of our Video Content Below.

Interview with Bryan Pape, John Keatley and Eugene Cho, Beyond the Bottle, Miir Documentary July 2011 Event

Interview with Bryan Pape, John Keatley and Eugene Cho about the documentary and their mission.

Miir (Miir.com) put together a documentary called "Beyond the Bottle" that showed the clean water wells they were able to build for impoverished communities from the money they raised and donated to One Days Wages (OneDaysWages.org).