Desay Corporation

Desay is a state-owned corporation invested in the manufacturing of LED displays and lighting since 2001.

The company has quietly emerged as an industry leader ranked Number #1 in Asia and Number #3 in the world for the past eight years with over 8000 Desay LED panels and cabinets in place around the globe.

The company owns 3 industrial zones in Huizhou with a total area over one and half million square meters. Huizhou is home to the Desay factory and offices with additional offices in Shenzhen.

Desay is constantly evolving their display technology to reach greater efficiency, superior performance, improved ease-of-use and affordability.

Desay enjoys a well-earned reputation that is defined by producing some of the highest-quality LED displays on the world market.

Telematics Canada is honored to be a factory distributor for Desay. Please contact us for more information.

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