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Down South by the River

You are invited to this group because you have sponsored, staffed or shown some interest about the Hope of the Amazon Program. This video group will provide a "situated experience" resource for the panel presentation "Down South by the river" that will present on the 13th of July 2013 at the ISPSO Annual Symposium at Oxford University.

While it is not required to watch the series to understand our presentation, it will offer visual snapshots of our experience "Down, South by the River" that might enrich participants experience at the presentation. It will also provide an interesting resource for people to come back after our presentation.

From the 1st to the 13th of July 2013 the Hope of the Amazon team will release a set of videos to provide a situated experience of the panel "Down, South by the River" -Psychodynamics of Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Social Inclusion.

The videos will consist of:

- informative videos with contextual information
- a set of artistic creations done independently by indigenous participants and staff members reflecting on their experience of the program
- joint video productions of their experience while working towards a joint audiovisual presentation for ISPSO
- "My first trip" a short film written, act and directed by the Amazonian leaders reflecting on an unfortunate journey of many indigenous while approaching the life of the city
- interviews to some key stakeholders

Join us on a short exploration "Down, South by the River".

During the ISPSO congress Mónica Velarde L and Claudia Velarde V will be reporting their learnings each night through this group in spanish to the Hope of the Amazon Community.

We will offer one month translation for any dialogue that could emerge as a result of the interaction between the group and the members of the Hope of the Amazon Program