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KISS2016 Concert Performances

Recordings from the six concerts of performances at KISS 2016 in Leicester UK.

A complete schedule of the eighth annual Kyma International Sound Symposium can be found at

KISS2016: Shapes of Each Other, Olga Oseth

This piece is based on the idea of how distinctive natures compliment each other in creation of unique art. Duration of the composition is ca.8 minutes. Sound material contains field recordings of engines and female vocal recording of text. The text is entitled Not intrigued with Evening from Soul of Rumi by Mewalan Jalaluddin Rumi. Big thanks to my friends, who dedicated their time to recording sessions.

Shapes of Each Other is performed using Symbolic Sound’s Kyma, which allows the performer to manipulate sound in real time by interacting with the sound environment using data received from eMotion Technology.

The instrument itself is called ларец- a small chest that stores delicate gems.