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KISS2015 Presentations

Recordings from the four sessions of presentations at KISS 2015 in Bozeman Montana. A complete schedule of the seventh annual Kyma International Sound Symposium can be found at

KISS2015 -- What do you MEAN? A journey in visual and auditory symbolism: İlker Işıkyakar & E. Zoe Schutzman

We are buried within ourselves; we send out signals, gestures and sounds indefinitely.
—Michel Serres, The Parasite
The very existence of Language is proof of the human being’s need to communicate. The graphic (visual) representation is more often than not an attempt at pinning it down, whereas the spoken (auditory) tends to take place in the moment. These image-sound-meaning units that make up language are far from static. Language is a living thing, with a beginning, middle and end, or in other words… It is born, flourishes and eventually may die or become something else. Is it possible to harness this evolution via graphic pictures governed by structural configurations? Human beings, with the languages that they create and imbue with their respective visual and auditory essences, look to communicate and, in so doing, hope for understanding.
In our presentation we shall elucidate our unfolding journey with the above ideas as we have come to experience and ponder them in time, and provide a glimpse of our multi-layered synesthetic-driven composition which serves to embody the ideas presented. It is a story that unfolds between two characters wherein words and images trigger communicative processes.