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KISS2014 Presentations

Recordings from the four sessions of presentations at KISS 2014 in Lübeck Germany. A complete schedule of the sixth annual Kyma International Sound Symposium can be found at

KISS2014 -- Internet Rumbles & Plantification: Damien Grobet, Ludovic Laffineur, Rudi Giot

Internet Rumbles:
Have you ever thought to listen to the Internet ? That is what the performance attempts to achieve by analyzing network data traffic. Spectators are going to feel Internet rumbles through visualisations and sounds.

This talk presents an easy way to transform every day objects into controllers. A home-made device has been developed with Arduino and is based on the capacitance measurement system “Touché”, developed by the Disney research lab. The device applies a signal to an object that sweeps over 160 different frequencies, and measures the electrical response. The measured data are sent to a sonification system based on a mapping grid that links these data to sound parameters in order to control Kyma.

This research was conducted at the LARAS laboratory (

Sunday 28 September 2014, Musikhochschule Lübeck Kammermusiksaal