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KISS2014 Concert Performances

Recordings from the five concerts of performances at KISS 2014 in Lübeck Germany.

A complete schedule of the sixth annual Kyma International Sound Symposium can be found at

KISS2014 -- Nothing From Nothing: İlker Işıkyakar, E. Zoe Schutzman

E. Zoe Schutzman, voice; André Wittmann & David Cariano Timme, percussion

In English, “onomatopoeia” refers to a word that phonetically imitates, resembles or suggests the source of the sound that it describes, oftentimes found first in nature and thus organic (alive) in essence. This pattern persists across languages even if it materializes differently, subscribing to the specifics of divergent perceptual, cultural and linguistic norms. There are numerous words in the English language alone that serve to describe the sounds of water. We propose to create a piece wherein onomatopoeic words, as source, will serve to echo the drops in the midst of our living space. The players will consist of: (1) Voice artist, (2) Kyma artist, and (3) Percussionist(s). Artist will voice words that Kyma will capture to initiate a beat. As words are uttered, they will be captured and layered on top of previous ones. The beat and shape of the sound these words create will be individually controlled and transformed via a tactile controller that sends commands to Kyma. Different layers will turn on and off, new ones will be added and… words will move beyond word-ness. They will become percussion sounds wherein the sound they describe is an echoing reverberation that speaks to their hidden provenance. Words are freed in their transformation towards a musical structure. As this process unfolds, acoustic performer(s) playing percussion instruments will engage. Performers will feed off of one another and react to what they hear in the moment. Quintessential Improvisation.