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KISS2014 Concert Performances

Recordings from the five concerts of performances at KISS 2014 in Lübeck Germany.

A complete schedule of the sixth annual Kyma International Sound Symposium can be found at

KISS2014 -- Soul Hermit: Chi Wang

Soul Hermit is a multichannel interactive performance for the Leap Motion controller, customized software and the Kyma sound synthesis system. The Leap Motion reports various data streams, in this composition, the composer chose to use hands’ and fingers’ position in 3D space, distance between two hands and two fingers, then use those accessed data to modify synthesized and recorded sounds as well as video processing. Therefore, the interactive composition is performed with two hands’ real-time actions. The hands’ movements in the air and musical expression as well as real-time processing video create mysterious yet lively intermedia experience.

Friday 26 September 2014, St. Jakobi Lübeck