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KISS2014 Concert Performances

Recordings from the five concerts of performances at KISS 2014 in Lübeck Germany.

A complete schedule of the sixth annual Kyma International Sound Symposium can be found at

KISS2014 -- Imagined Destinies: Jeffrey Stolet

Imagined Destinies is a real-time composition for a single performer and Kyma. In response to the Chinese text (from the fictional Book of Imagined Destinies) that focuses on the challenges of two countries working towards a deep and lasting friendship, the musical fabric offers a simple and tranquil demeanor. The text and its English translation are:

"当我们长途跋涉通过教堂的苦难,生活的折磨 已经使我们勇于对抗,我们共同的人性,我们的热情,我们的爱会消融我们路边的参差岩石 ,那些路弄伤了我们的脚,却使我们互相拥抱联合起来拥有最深的友谊,也使我们灵魂相依。"

"Though the torments of life have antagonized us as we trudged through the churches of our miseries, our common humanity, our passions, our loves, will melt away the jagged rocks along our paths that have bloodied our feet enveloping and uniting us in the deepest of friendships as our souls entwine."

Two microphones provide the input mechanism for musical control.

Thursday 25 September 2014, Musikhochschule Lübeck Große Saal