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KISS2014 Concert Performances

Recordings from the five concerts of performances at KISS 2014 in Lübeck Germany.

A complete schedule of the sixth annual Kyma International Sound Symposium can be found at

KISS2014 -- “Why are cheetahs becoming extinct?” Trio for Piano, Violin and Kyma: Kiyoung Lee

Ha-Young Park, piano; Lukas Stubenrauch, violin

What is the key to survival and evolution of any organisms?

The “diversity”. Cheetahs are becoming extinct essentially because of that reason, lack of diversity in the genetics.

This “Collaboratory” leads to an unique result and adds diversity in the musical genetics of this piece.

Through the composition and performance of this piece, Kyma will replicate, rearrange and recreate the information received from the performers under a meaningful sequence while preserving its uniqueness, just like in the process of the evolution. Which means that all the sounds heard from the Kyma come from the sound made by the live instruments on the stage, either processed in real-time, or recorded from an earlier point in the performance.

Saturday 27 September 2014, Musikhochschule Lübeck Große Saal