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History Package

Margaret Thatcher - The Lady's Not For Turning HD

Genre: Biography - History
Number of Episodes: 1 X 60 Minutes

In this intriguing documentary, we examine the life and career of Britain’s first female Prime Minister - Margaret Thatcher.

After 1990, Lady Thatcher (as she became) remained a potent political figure and went on to contribute in other ways.

In our programme we present a portrait of an intensely controversial figure. Critics claim that her economic policies were divisive socially, that she was harsh or ‘uncaring’ in her politics, and hostile to the institutions of the British welfare state.

Defenders point to a transformation in Britain’s economic performance over the course of the Thatcher Governments and those of her successors as Prime Minister.

Critics and supporters alike recognise the Thatcher premiership as a period of fundamental importance in British history and we present both views in this engaging documentary as we look back at the extraordinary life and times of this formidable women.