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Suzanne Lacy Vimeo Channel

This series of videos covers a range of work by California performance artist Suzanne Lacy. For more information contact

3 Weeks In May (1977)

Comprised of political speech, radio interviews, news releases, self-defense demonstrations, speak outs, and art performances, Three Weeks in May represented a synthesis and expansion of the respective avant-garde practices of artists influential to Lacy at the time such as Allan Kaprow. In its active engagement with mass media and what Lacy calls an extended ‘performance structure,’ it is an early demonstration of the transformative potential of socially generative art practices that followed.

Three Weeks in May was anchored by a twenty-five foot long map in the City Mall on which Lacy daily stenciled the word RAPE on the location where an attack had been reported to the Los Angeles Police Department. This map was flanked by a second indicating the sites of related resources such as rape prevention training centers and crisis hotlines. The work was extensively covered at that time in three contexts: art, feminist, and mass media.

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