This portfolio is a sample of videos that were produced for specific target audiences with strategic messaging. The longer storytelling videos are event videos. Events offer unique communications opportunities with more targeted audiences and allow the luxury of more time and freedom in storytelling. The infographic explainer videos are more straightforward marketing tools that were delivered to their target audiences via trade show exhibits and email. If you'd like to chat about your video ideas or other communication goals, click the envelope icon below to contact me directly or connect on LinkedIn. I'd love to learn what you want to achieve with your strategic messaging. Thanks for stopping by.

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Children's HeartLink - "Hari's Heart Print"

In June, 2018, I traveled with Nate Maydole to the beautiful State of Kerala, India to document the story of Hari's heart print. We produced this story for Children's HeartLink, an international NGO dedicated to improving access and quality of care for children with congenital heart disease around the world. They do this primarily through long-term medical training partnerships, because pediatric cardiac is complex. Hari's story is particularly amazing because of who he is as an individual, the tenacious and hope-filled efforts of his parents, the skills of the medical practitioners involved, and also because of some amazing serendipity.



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