Before, during and after producing nearly 1000 episodes of TV at PBS over a 15 year span, Sunny and Mild Media has also produced three feature documentary films.

SHOTGUN FREEWAY: Drives Thru Lost L.A.

"A breezy, informative look at Los Angeles history and culture, with interviews of famous Angelinos who both love the city and decry its many changes over the decades, Morgan Neville and Harry Pallenberg's documentary is divided into such subjects as Crime, the Beach, Hollywood and the Valley. While most of the content is not controversial or revelatory given the abundance of media coverage the city has always enjoyed, the film's angle and talkative, analytical interviewees stitch together a thought-provoking portrait of a teeming metropolis unlike any other.

Among the dozen or so personalities included are writer-actor Buck Henry, urban theorist Mike Davis, artist David Hockney, retired LAPD homicide Detective John St. John, filmmaker John Milius, mystery author James Ellroy and jazz player Buddy Collette. These and other lament the loss of the Valley's orange groves and the razing of the sprawling barrio Chavez Ravine to make way for Dodger Stadium, and they remember such legendary hangouts as Schwab's on Sunset and the
nightclubs on Central Avenue.

Wonderful archival footage and promotional films are included to support the wide-ranging locations captured. One is left wanting much more, which is undoubtedly the filmmakers' intention."
David Hunter of the Hollywood Reporter