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Philip Simmons Documentation Project

BOOK-Philip Simmons

This video shows examples of the book layout for Philip Simmons: Life of Art In Iron (working title)

Preliminary layouts have been created. A team of local photographers is needed to shoot specific neighborhoods with Mr. Simmons gates, grates, grills and all other pieces on record.

For a detailed budget of the book, please contact or call 843-849-8531. Funding for the book is currently needed.

• Using photographs, illustrated designs and maps, Sunhead Projects will design a “coffee table” type book highlighting the work of Mr. Simmons. This book will be marketed to public libraries, public and private undergraduate schools, and schools of architecture at colleges and universities across the country.

• The book will be sold on-line at the Foundation’s web site and in museum gift shops. Barnes & Noble and will be considered after the first year in publication or at the time of a second printing.

• Text will include a brief explanation about the ironwork, location and year (or approximate year) of creation. Personal stories by writers, curators, and friends who used Mr. Simmons’ services during his life will also be interspersed throughout the book.

• Photographs of paintings of Simmons’ work by John Jones, Paintings of Simmons by Mary Whyte, Rhett Wilson, Joe Pinckney, Molly B. Right. Elayna Shakur, Gazie Nagle and a collaboration with Jonathan Green with Philip Simmons will also be included. The Photograph of Simmons at the anvil by John Michael Vlach, maps, original drawings & sketches are also to be included.

• The “Yearbook” section – The last pages of the book will be designed in thumbnail style. There are over 800 works in iron and steel in Charleston alone. All works not featured in the main pages of the book will be included in this section.

• The feature of direct quotes of the master craftsman’s wisdom and those of owners, family, friends and admirers will bring another dimension to his works and to the book.