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Philip Simmons Documentation Project

DOCUMENTARY-Philip Simmons

This video will give you a taste of the final 60-minute documentary. This is a sample only.

Since 2005, Sunhead Projects has accumulated 70+ hours of raw video footage including interviews with Mr. Simmons, drive-arounds with Mr. Simmons, narration by Mr. Simmons, interviews with family, clients and friends. There are also thousands of photographs and other memorabilia to be included in the interactive DVD.

For a detailed budget of the DVD, please contact or call 843-849-8531. Funding for the DVD is currently needed.

An interactive DVD will have a menu for the user to navigate to the following:

• Documentary (60 minutes):
The DVD will include interviews with Mr. Simmons recalling a historical look at his life and work from the time he came to Charleston at age eight. It will encompass how he transformed his work from practical blacksmithing to decorative art. From ice pick to snake eyes, Mr. Simmons recounts a history of his art, his life and of Charleston from a unique perspective, captured by Sunhead Projects.

• Behind the Scenes: Sculpting a Gate (20-30 minutes):
An educational video devoted to showing tips and tricks that Mr. Simmons has passed on to his cousin and nephew who currently operate his shop. The video will document the fabrication of a gate from start to finish with instruction from Joseph “Ronnie” Pringle (Mr. Simmons cousin) and students at ACOBA. This includes design drawings and installation.

• See the Ironwork Close Up With Mr. Simmons Narration
An interactive map will allow users to click on specific neighborhoods in the Charleston area. With one click, the user will see photographs of Mr. Simmons’ pieces up close and personal. We will utilize various local talents for background music.

The documentary will include efforts by videographers, photographers, editors, script writers, historians, preservationists, archivists, musicians, voice talent and many other trades.