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Philip Simmons Documentation Project

DATABASE-Philip Simmons Documentation Project

This video shows a sample of our "Drive-Arounds" with Mr. Simmons. The drives usually lasted around 5 hours and we captured all video and audio on two cameras. These videos play an integral part in creating the database.

The database is currently housed at the Avery Research Center and is in need of a major upgrade in hardware and software. This database will work as a foundation for the entire Documentation Project and needs to be updated continually as works are found or have been sold, removed to other or unknown locations.

There are thousands of photographs, 70+ hours of video clips, scans and other memorabilia in need of digitizing and archiving. Each digitized item should be backed up and attached to the records in the database.

A comprehensive searchable database of Mr. Simmons’ work is the ultimate goal.

• Additional contact needs to be made with owners to verify if pieces are still on-site, and if not, try to find out where they are. With a searchable database, the Foundation will have the ability to "track" the pieces.

• Owners of ironworks by Simmons will receive a Certificate of Authenticity. The unsigned pieces will be stamped with the official “PS” marking as proof by students from the American College of the Building Arts (ACOBA). The database will be updated reflecting authenticity.

• The database will play an integral part of mapping out individual ironworks to be photographed for a comprehensive book, Philip Simmons: Life of Art in Iron (working title.)

• The database will be made available to public and private institutions.

• The database will be a key to creating the self-guided tours and scavenger hunts.