Sunflower Films

“Show me the money!” Money movies to make you think
Our insightful films tell instructive stories about money. They explore the topic from many angles, considering philosophy and history as well as practical everyday experience. Look and learn!

The Sunflower Philosophy

The MoneyMuseum is backed by the Sunflower Foundation, the name of which did not come about by chance. It expresses the philosophy on which the MoneyMuseum as well as the activities of Jürg Conzett generally, who initiated the foundation, are based. The sunflower stands for generosity, balance, harmony and abundance in a positive sense, but also for coincidence and individuality.

1 Intro
2 Fibonacci, his numbers, his geometry
3 The golden section and its relatives
4 The pentagram
5 The Fibonacci numbers in nature
6 The golden section in architecture and art
7 The Fibonacci numbers and Mandelbrot's fractals
8 Fibonacci in the equity market
9 The quintessence of the sunflower