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Our insightful films tell instructive stories about money. They explore the topic from many angles, considering philosophy and history as well as practical everyday experience. Look and learn!

Money Moves People

Money moves people and even those for whom money is of secondary importance. This is shown, last but not least, in the statements of the six personalities who are portrayed in this film. They range from the seminar leader and the aircraft restorer, the lady pastor and the artist to the silk manufacturer and the sociologist, people with quite different backgrounds. And the role money plays in their lives is as different as they are.

1 Introduction with Jürg Conzett, Sunflower Foundation
2 Harald Wessbecher, seminar leader, author
3 Roby Steiner, aircraft restorer
4 Adelheid Jewanski, pastor
5 H. R. Giger, designer, artist, author, museum director
6 Andi Stutz, silk manufacturer
7 Aldo Haesler, professor of sociology