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  1. Awakening Part 3 - How to Stay Encouraged

    To stay close to God, there is an essential discipline that every Christian must master: How to stay Encouraged. After studying one of the masters, get ready for advances lessons on how to think straight when you're waiting for your dreams (1 Chronicles 28; 1 Samuel)

  2. Awakening Part 2 - God of the Ridiculous

    In many situations, God calls us to do crazy things. In this message, Tabi Horne (Empowerment Director at Substance) encourages us to obey God through these bizarre situations and to sit back and enjoy the ride of what He wants to accomplish in this season.

  3. Awakening Part 1 - Fear of the Lord

    The Bible makes some incredible promises towards those who "fear the Lord." But what does this mean? And how do we know if we have it? After visiting some challenging Bible texts, get ready to reinvent your ability to appreciate God's joy and grace. (Leviticus 10; Acts 5).