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Snøhetta meet Piba Marmi at MMD 2011

Snøhetta for Piba Marmi pavillion at Marmomacc Meet Design 2011. This video, part of a group of 18 videointerview focuses on the role of the architect as a Marble Designer.

We used some Hdslr for shallow depht of field and low light performance combined to some smooth linear movement to create a more cinematic look.

Final client: Fiera Verona, Marmomacc - marmomacc.com/
Client: Piba Marmi - pibamarmi.it/
Architects: Snøhetta, Craig Dykers and Kjetil Thorsen - snoarc.no
Design Managment & Press: umbrella.it/
Video: studiovisuale.it

Production note
Direction: Francesco Pia - francescopia.it
Editing and grading: Gabriele Rivoli
Second cam and lights: Jacopo Fontana
Cameras: Canon 5D and Panasonic Gh2
Lens: Set Contax Zeiss
Audio: Zoom H4N and Sennheiser - 360degreesfilm.it
Slider: Glidetrack 1mt
Tripods: Gitzo and Manfrotto
Software: FCP and AE

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