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The LLOYDS TSB Campaign folio.

Our campaign for Lloyds TSB.
We designed, directed & created over 48 of these immensely popular spots...
Here are a few of them ... more on the way ...

Agency RKCR/Y&R
Director & Designer: Marc Craste
Created at & Produced by Studio aka


Over the course of some 40+ LLOYDS TSB commercials, we always featured an unnamed Trainspotter, A hardy little chap who braved all the elements time & time again to play his parts in the ads. He's not always easy to spot, more often blink-and-you-miss-him... so it seems fitting to share a moment with him at the close of the campaign.
From the LLOYDS TSB campaign by STUDIO AKA for agency RKCR/Y&R. 2007-2013

The Musical interpretation of the theme is by Nic Gill.
The original music is ELIZA'S ARIA by ELENA KATS-CHERNIN (

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