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STREETFILMS Takes you to Europe!

Of course we haven't gotten to all countries just yet, but one can dream! Here are a few good ones.

Exploring the Streets of Stockholm

In 2014, I got the chance to visit Stockholm near the end of an incredibly hot summer. It's a charming and walkable city with a welcoming downtown core buzzing with people. There's a natural easygoing rhythm to the city, and all three nights I was there it felt magical. After dark the pedestrian streets were filled with both residents and tourists just strolling, even after retail and most restaurants had closed.

I was very fortunate to meet up with a real mix of advocates, residents and transportation experts to discuss what's going on in the city. Most transpo devotees are familar with Sweden's incredible success of Vision Zero, a goal to eventually curb road deaths and serious injuries to zero by 2020. Many cities worldwide, especially in the United States, have now adopted various forms of it.

However, there are many in Stockholm who've wanted more for their streets: more bike infrastructure, safer streets, enjoyable places to gather & meet and also - to factor the benefits of a more livable city, including health and well-being. In 2010, the city adopted a plan called "The Walkable City". It promotes sustainability, livability and more people-friendly Stockholm.

Finally a great announcement! Since Streetfilms realizes some of its long form films are a bit lengthy to use bits and parts of in advocacy, we've decided that we will make excerpts available on Vimeo for many shorter segments. Thus below you will find four Stockholm pods you can view and embed to educate the masses.

"The Walkable City":

"Owning a Car in Stockholm":

"Bicycling in Stockholm":

"Going Beyond Vision Zero":

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