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JP Cullen | Brand Storytelling Series Case Story

This award-winning brand storytelling series was produced by StoryFirst Media for JP Cullen, a large midwest commercial contractor.

Throughout their nearly 125 years in business, JP Cullen has a history of embracing particularly 'tough jobs.' During a rebranding, they were faced with the challenge of finding an effective way of bringing their new "Tough Job Experts" tagline to life for their prospects. This video storytelling series is the outcome of our work with them to engage prospects via authentic and relatable market-sector stories.

THE RESULTS: JP Cullen has used the stories in a variety of ways including proposals and presentations. This use has led to direct feedback from their clients on the stories playing a direct part in their choice of JP Cullen for their new projects.
The end result -- over $100 million dollars in new projects to-date.
In addition to this direct storytelling ROI, the series has won multiple Addy and Telly Awards.

QUOTE from Tom Searcy -- Inc Magazine Author and Founder of
“I think that these videos, all of them, are brilliant. They are well scripted, shot, edited and deliver a great narrative understanding of challenge, solution, result. They are also in a format that is less than 150 seconds each - which means they will be watched. Good storyline. Use of a variety of animation and non-live action tools keeps interest and re-engages the viewer. Very well done. As for me, I would not change a thing. Congratulations to the team who designed and delivered this.”



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