Welcome friends & guests

Rick Sterling
Executive Chairman, Sterling-Rice Group
Welcome to the fourth annual Bolder Innovation Executive Forum. And welcome to our home in Boulder, Colorado. Thank you for investing the time and resources to join us. We are honored and excited to spend the next day and a half exploring new ways to look at the world, at business, and at our lives.
We have a very provocative agenda, featuring world-class speakers who will share diverse and enlightening perspectives on new ways to think about innovation. We will learn about new thinking related to unlocking innovation at your organization and how to put the consumer at the center of your decision-making process. We’ll look at new tools for understanding consumer behavior, and how you can engage with these technology tools to support your brand. We’ll hear from pioneers and leaders who are reinventing how we utilize human and resource capital, as well as how harnessing adversity and pushing beyond conventional approaches can result in life-changing innovation and substantial growth opportunities. We’ll examine the opportunities and challenges we face as a country and world, and provide insights into new opportunities on the global stage. And we’ll wrap up the event with a riveting discussion led by some legendary leaders and founders of today’s natural and organic CPG movement.
By design, this forum is organized to provoke discussions and conversations with everyone in the room. We know that our audience is as interesting as our speakers. So jump in and participate. We expect everyone to speak out from the audience. That is why we limit the size of the forum— to spur collective inspiration on issues all of us face in our businesses.
Thank you, again, for joining us here in Boulder. We are eager to spend a great couple of days together.