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Free Rein

Free Rein assembles a rich collection of personal stories and soul-searching adventures.

Hosted by Jessica Fobert, Free Rein guides audiences along the trail of natural horsemanship that celebrates the timeless connection between horses and humans. An enthusiastic practitioner of holistic horsemanship, Jessica leads us to a heightened awareness of the horse psyche…and of ourselves.

Jessica is a gifted interpreter of horse sense who listens more than she whispers. She demonstrates how the principles of horsemanship can transcend the barn to transform everyday situations: horses are messengers who bring new meaning to our lives, where challenges in the saddle lead to epiphanies in the workplace and the horse’s wild spirit inspires our imagination.

Winner: Best Equestrian Series
2014 Equus Film Festival (NYC)

Stefan Morel: director, writer, cinematographer
Zoë Carter: show creator, producer
Leslie Haller: producer
Garth Drabinsky: show creator, executive producer
Tim Kirkwood: editor
Luke McMaster & Arun Chaturvedi: original soundtrack

Free Rein (pt1) / Bellator's voice

From the stable to the saddle, host Jessica Fobert shares heartwarming experiences between humans and horses. FREE REIN reveals how the power of energy, behaviour and dialogue can help strengthen the relationships between humans and horses.

In "Bellator's voice", Jessica demonstrates specific skills and techniques to resolve problematic behavior with Bellator, a horse that bites his owner. Bellator isn’t aggressive; he just wants to be heard and bites to manage his worries. By listening to Bellator’s “voice”, his owner Vicki will learn how she can manage his stress to foster a healthier connection.