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ANNALIESE! ANNALIESE! is a quirky romantic comedy about a millennial man-hating woman, who, in an attempt to live a life without the male species, recruits the gay guy next door to help her become a nun, even if she's not very religious.

The story will appear first as seven webisodes, which will be used in a Crowd Funding and Investor Campaign. If we can raise the required funds, the feature will be produced.

The trailers are on this page. To gain full and complete access to the full length webisodes to to our main website and SIGN UP at

Annaliese The Movie: The Producer's Introduction

ANNALIESE! ANNALIESE! is a quirky romantic comedy that we hope to produce if we can raise sufficient funds to cover the production budget. This video is the producer's short introduction to the project and an invitation to follow the project at our Crowd Funding site.



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