The Icey Ladies - 2 Years of Eye of the Condor

In the summer of 2012, Annelise Loevlie, cofounder of Icelantic Skis, had an idea that sounded a little crazy. The idea was to put together a group of 6 women to journey down to the Southern Hemisphere and compete in Chile’s 2nd Annual Eye of the Condor ski competition. EOTC is a unique ski photo and video event representing the evolving talent, creativity, and drive of the ski film industry. Each team of 4 skiers, 1 filmmaker, and 1 photographer has 5 days to shoot and edit a ski film and photo portfolio. On the 6th day, a panel of the ski industry’s finest athletes and artists judge the work and announce Best Video. We called ourselves The Icey Ladies – the only team of all women- an amalgam of personalities, cultures, languages, skills and unknowns. EOTC provided a unique opportunity to come together, weave our skills and personalities into an energized crew, and contribute to a community we love.

At EOTC 2012, The Icey Ladies won Best Video, bringing home the Golden Condor. When EOTC 2013 was announced, we decided we had to return. This video is a compilation of our 2 years of EOTC... our effort to share with the world what we love and make something worth watching that will inspire others.