HMM - The Clark Family

When Amy Clark first found Hurley, McKenna, & Mertz she was weary from battle and her case had not even yet begun. She was tired from having to explain her family’s situation to doctors, labs, insurance companies and even other lawyers along the way, to convince those from whom she was seeking help that hers was a voice worth listening to. And while navigating her way through the complexities of the legal justice system, she was trying to care for her two sons — both profoundly disabled children affected by a genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome.

Making the decision to bring a lawsuit was not an easy one for Amy. Initially the goal of filing the lawsuit was to obtain the correct lab results so that their new geneticist could proceed with testing Timothy. From the beginning Amy knew there was a difference with this firm. Mark and Chris listened to her story with compassion, asked thoughtful questions, were mindful of her time and her financial situation with the costly burden of caring for her two sons weighing heavy upon her. Chris Hurley and Mark McKenna lifted from her shoulders the burden of providing for her family, and searching for the truth from the doctors and geneticists who falsely assured her Timothy’s chance of having Angelman Syndrome was less than one percent. This video is Amy’s story. To learn more details about her case and the resulting trail with Illinois Supreme Court, visit Amy’s case page where you can read and watch more videos: