Montana Indian Hall of Fame Promo

Produced, Add'l Filming, Edited by Katy-Robin Garton, Sprout Films, in collaboration with The Montana Indian Hall of Fame.

The Montana Indian Hall of Fame works to preserve, protect, and promote the indigenous way of life of the 12 Native American tribes of Montana. When MIHF first came to Sprout Films, they had already captured interviews of Montana Native American Songkeepers, and we're hoping there was something special they could do with their footage that would help them promote MIHF's mission. Sprout Films proposed producing a promotional film that focused on the Songkeeper aspect of the MIHF. MIHF thought this was a great idea and as a result, Sprout Films set out to gather more footage, learn more about the stories MIHF hops to share, and start editing! MIHF founders use this promotional film to help the organization achieve its goal.