"Respect" for St. Joseph's Medical Center

People in the Mission valley were going to Missoula and Kalispell for their healthcare, even though the region boasts its very own quality healthcare facility, St. Joe's. saltStudio was asked to help the hospital remind local folks that they provide top-notch, up-to-date medical care while still caring for people as if they were friends and neighbors, which, of course, they are.

The resulting campaign with the positioning line, "Our mission is the valley" sums up St. Joe's dedication to local residents, while touting the hospital's advanced medical technology and wide-ranging capabilities. More and more people in the valley are now trusting St. Joe's with their medical needs and thus, getting quality healthcare close to home.

Sprout Films sproutfilms.net worked in collaboration with saltStudio saltstudio.com to produce this video for St Joseph's Medical Center.