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Movement Preparation: Superman (Right and Left)

A superman is a pointer followed by lifting the opposite foot off the ground. Initially, athletes will wobble, the purpose is to learn to maintain stability.) Begin in a Front Plank with a wide base of support. Shift weight from both forearms to place weight on the left forearm. Point right index finger in front (As if you were pointing to the nose of a person across from you). Slowly lift the left foot just off the ground. Return to Front Plank. Point left index finger in front. Slowly lift the right foot just off the ground. Return to Front Plank and repeat.

• Feet shoulder width apart

• Shoulders in line with hip and ankle

• Left and right hips are even (same height)

• In Superman Position: Arm point straight out, opposite foot just off the ground

PROGRESSION: When performing initially, allow for a belly rest after the first pointer, repeat with right, then move to left, rest then repeat. As the movement is learned, move to eliminate the rest. Once the basic pointer and lift one foot off ground is achieved, do the pointer at the same time as lifting the foot off the ground. Once they have this pattern, then you ask them to “switch”: go from Superman Right to Superman Left.