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Movement Preparation


Movement Preparation: Backwards In In Out Out

As the name suggests, this is doing the In In Out Out drill moving backward. This creates special awareness while moving backwards. Use verbal cueing “In In Out Out” to guide pace, slowing
down or speeding up based on the ability. A slower pace will encourage accuracy and help
beginners learn the pattern. Once established, a verbal cue is not required

• Start with feet hip-width apart, back to the ladder

• Step into the first square with left foot backwards, immediately followed by the right foot

• Step outside to the left of the second square (with the left foot), then immediately step outside to the right of the second square (with the right foot)

• Step into the third square with the left foot first, followed by the right foot

• Repeat for the length of the ladder

• Participants can repeat “In, In, Out, Out” in their head to help keep the pattern

1. Start with slow movement and then progress the movement to full speed over a number of sessions once the motor pattern is learned
2. Start with the opposite foot
3. Perform as a team with hands on hips