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Politics of Love #9 - Afrodiasporic Spiritual Practice

In African Traditional Religions and Afrodiasporic Spiritual Practices, we find specific moments of our histories archived: the ability to connect with our ancestors, useful tools for health, sustainability, and resistance, knowledge transfer, and pathways to facilitate the advocacy of those who came before us. There are those of us who have always been connected to these practices, others who have returned, and those who are newly attracted to the cosmologies, methodologies, and philosophies entrenched in these spiritual practices. Where and by what means do those of us who identify as Black and Queer find liberation, healing, innovation, and transformation in the practices and disciplines of our ancestors? Through dialogue and exchange, practitioners of various disciplines will engage in a multilocal, multicultural conversation which addresses Queerness and African as well as Afro Diasporic Spiritual Practices.

Our conversation series Politics of Love is dedicated to forms of standing for each other, which carefully and lovingly create community. Questions of representation are currently moving culture and politics. Who actually represents whom? Who is allowed to depict whom? And how does one actually stand for oneself? Together with guests from the arts, aesthetic and political theory, we discuss strategies of representation and self-assertion and thus the basic agreements of theater and democracy. The focus is on the affirmation of concepts with a solidary and hegemony-critical orientation.

Our current issue on Afrodiasporic Spiritual Practice takes as its source of inspiration Isaiah Lopaz’ short stories published and contextualized as part of his Anthology / Appendix project. Among other themes, they touch upon the relationship between spirituality and queerness in Black communities.

CONCEPT, MODERATION Joy Kristin Kalu, Isaiah Lopaz GUESTS Sokari Ekine, Hess Love, Goitse Freeverse Montsho

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