SocialFlow Media Appearances: 2021

Bloomberg Quicktake: 07/28/2021

SocialFlow CEO, Jim Anderson, appeared on Bloomberg Quicktake to discuss the ongoing spread of misinformation about COVID-19 on social media. Jim explains how every platform with an audience has to deal with misinformation. It is an issue which we tend to associate more with Facebook or YouTube, because those are the biggest companies–each being worth more than a trillion dollars. But every platform with an audience has to deal with misinformation: Twitter, Snap, TikTok, even Pinterest. And the scale of the challenge is enormous. He says, “If we think of misinformation as weeds in a garden, the task is a bit like trying to weed all the corn fields in Iowa—with one person and a garden hoe. (Good luck with that.)”
The massive spread of misinformation online is also tried with financial motivations. A common practice after building an audience, is to monetize it, and vaccine skeptics use this strategy to their advantage. Whether it is through newsletters, selling books, profiting from affiliate deals for merchandise…“Misinformation for profit is, regrettably, a big business."
Overall, the questions that people are raising about vaccine skepticism are legitimate. However, we must be careful how we define ‘misinformation’, and how we draw conclusions from the information available online.