SocialFlow Media Appearances: 2021

NewsNation: 07/08/2021

SocialFlow CEO, Jim Anderson joins NewsNation: The Donlon Report, to give an insight on Donald Trump's decision to sue Twitter, Facebook and Google alleging 'censorship'. Jim explains how this class-action lawsuit is more of an effort from Trump to stay relevant in the media, as well as an effort to raise money, rather than to win his case. His argument is one that has been brought to court before, and failed. This time around, whether the president wins or loses his case is irrelevant, as long as he stays in the public eye. SocialFlow has generated their 'Trump Index', a metric used to measure his relevance in social media. The data shows that when he was president, he had many ways to stay relevant, but now that he has left office, those numbers have dropped. Jim explains, "We've also been able to observe that even when he gets a little bit of attention, he's not able to grasp it for long."