SocialFlow Media Appearances: 2021

Bloomberg Radio: 06/29/2021

SocialFlow CEO, Jim Anderson, joins Bloomberg Radio to discuss today's big win for Facebook over a court ruling dismissing two monopoly lawsuits filed by the U.S. government and a coalition of states that sought to break up the company. However, Jim explains how this decision does not mean Facebook is in the clear from more public scrutiny from other jurisdictions, whether it be the E.U or the U.S Congress again in the future.
"Facebook is a consumer attention company. What they have done arguably better than anybody else is for 2.5 billion people around the world, is create a habit of them coming back every single day. They have also learned how to monetize that attention" he explains, and this is one reason why Facebook now ranks at the same level as other big tech companies like Apple or Google. For now, although it seems like some companies handle the problem of mass miss-information better than Facebook has in the past, in reality no one has been capable enough yet.