SocialFlow Media Appearances: 2021

Al Jazeera: 06/05/21

SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson appeared on Al Jazeera to comment about today’s G7 decision on a global tax reform of at least 15 percent to discourage multinational companies- especially tech giants, from tax evasion.
Jim poses that this significant event can have an unexpected benefit for tech companies. He explains, “I think this agreement actually could be good for big tech companies. You might not think so—because companies certainly don’t want to pay more taxes. But what most concerns these companies are not taxation, but anti-trust. And anti-trust scrutiny tends to decline as tax revenue from a company grows.”
As the new tax reform unfolds, he explains that big tech platforms may privately acknowledge that they have not been paying their fair share, and perhaps should begin doing so before they risk political backlash when stories come out about how little they pay in taxes.
Overall, the new global tax deal is one piece of a larger puzzle: “Taxation. Anti-trust. Privacy. They’re all inter-connected, and they’re all global issues. We can call this one a win for the G7 governments. But it’s certainly not the end of the story.”