SocialFlow Media Appearances: 2021

NewsNation: 06/04/21

SocialFlow CEO, Jim Anderson, joins NewsNation’s, The Donlon Report to provide commentary on Facebook’s ruling to suspend former president, Donald Trump, for two years for his violations of the platform’s terms of services.
Following the failure of his blog page, the world will be paying attention to Trump’s next strategy. Jim explains that “It’s harder than it looks to get a functioning social network and build an audience.” It will be extremely difficult for him to regain the same following he used to have before the ban.
Also, with the rumors he might be moving to a new social network and asking for a large upfront payment, he might need to consider whether he wants to keep the payment, or the audience attention. “What he was able to get with Twitter and Facebook was effectively ‘free reach’ – he wasn’t being paid, but he had enormous reach there.” And the evidence shows he will not be able to replicate the amount of reach again.