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2019 Telly Award Entry
Entry Type: Non-Broadcast / Education

SPARK 101 is a free, online teaching resource that empowers teachers to ignite their students’ interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Co-developed by educators and video production professionals, SPARK 101 case study videos expose students to real-world STEM work challenges and engage them in authentic STEM problem solving.

Each 10-minute case study video is designed using a three-segment format with pause points for student engagement. In segment 1, students make connections to prior knowledge and learn about a real-world problem they will be asked to solve. In segment 2, industry professionals explain how they were able to develop a workable solution for the problem. In segment 3, participants share their personal stories and offer advice about educational pathways and necessary skills needed to be successful in STEM-related careers.

We are submitting clips from several of our programs for you to view and judge. If you would like to see a case study in its entirety, please click on the link below the segment. We have also included a short promo video that describes the SPARK 101 program, and a sample anticipation spot that we use on social networks to steer educators toward newly-developed content.

SEGMENT 1: Problem

Data-Driven Decision Making in Technology Design

How can pharmacies ensure that their customers’ critical medication needs are addressed in a safe and timely fashion? In this Spark 101 video, students use their technological and analytical skills to design a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for AmerisourceBergen, a leading pharmaceutical company that needs to both meet the diverse needs of its customers and adhere to the strict constraints of The Food and Drug Administration.

To see the AmerisourceBergen video in its entirety, click here: