Wedding Highlights Films

A collection of our recent highlights films.

  1. Brandon and Lauren's Wedding Highlights Film

  2. Kaitlin and Nathaniel's Wedding Highlights Film

  3. Joe and Steph Wedding Highlights

    The crisp October weather was gorgeous on this outdoor Minnesota vineyard wedding. Joe and Steph were absolutely amazing - a delight to work with and be around. Their excitement about the day was infectious and Jasmine and I found it difficult to take a poor shot! Everywhere we turned was beauty, laughter, and love. We are honored to have celebrated this occasion with the bride and groom and are thrilled to provide this film.

    Joe and Steph, congratulations to you both in your new life together. We pray that your marriage will grow and produce many years of happiness, contentment, peace, and love. Jas and I want to thank you both for having us along for the ride. Take care and take the world by storm. Start pumping out those babies!!!

    God bless,
    Luke and Jasmine Erickson

  4. Ryan and Vanessa Wedding Highlights

    This was easily one of the most gorgeous weddings we've ever filmed... from the elegant suites at The Commons, to the lush and contemporary backdrop of the Loring Pasta Bar and the Varsity Theater. Looking deeper through all of the surface beauty and details, however, we were struck by a burning passion between a wonderful couple. Their heart and commitment to each other was something amazing to see.

    Ryan and Vanessa - we pray for many years of happiness and a house full of kids memories for you both. Grow old together. Gain wrinkles together. Enjoy the years to come through triumph and trial, for with each passing year, your love will increase... and THAT is truly a miracle.

  5. Joel and Shannon's Wedding Highlights Film

    To say that Jasmine and I had fun filming this wedding would be an understatement. Joel and Shannon just oozed happiness and it would be another understatement to say that they love each other. This marriage is certainly meant to be and it was such a joy for us to be able to capture these special moments.

    Joel and Shannon, quite simply, you rock. When you renew your vows in 25 years and throw a party like this, be sure to invite us - we'll be there with cameras in hand (and perhaps walkers) but it would be worth it! ;O) Jasmine and I can't encourage you enough in your future. May God bless you the rest of your days and may you grow old and wrinkly together - sharing all of life's adventures.

    Luke and Jasmine Erickson

  6. Jon and Jamie's Wedding Highlights Film

    I doubt that things could have gone better on Jon and Jamie's wedding day. The weather was perfect, the scenery was beautiful, the venue was serene, and the dress was dynamite. More importantly than these things, though, were the hundreds of family and friends that surrounded the couple in a wonderful display of love and support. This day was a long time coming, and it was so great to see how well it all turned out.

    Jon and Jamie, thanks so much for inviting Jasmine and I along to film your special day. It was so much fun and was a pleasure to get to know you both better - here's to a lifetime of love and commitment through thick and thin... for better and worse. Take care, you two.

    God bless,
    Luke & Jasmine Erickson