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  1. CMC Markets

    One of many videos that was presented by James Nesbitt, for CMC Markets to promote their new spread betting platform.

    We created TV ads, online ads, promo videos, the lot.. and each had to be dynamic with a strong call to action to really get the CMC message out there.

    Role: Camera | Editor
    Produced by: Gas Street Works Ltd

  2. Love the Dogs

    Promotional video for a large chain of greyhound racing stadiums.

    Hall Green greyhound racing track were looking to inject some life into their latest marketing campaign and this high-energy, slick promotional video does just that... and more.

    The brief was to show the scale and breadth of a night out at the dogs, from the casual better looking for a fun night out, to the seasoned professionals. The food, the drink, the place, the atmosphere! So it was up to me to storyboard, shoot and edit a 60 second promo that had impact and left the viewer just itching to get down to the dog tracks!

    Role: Camera | Editor
    Produced by: Airwaves Media

  3. Maths at Warwick

    The Mathematics course at the University of Warwick sits in the top three in UK league tables and in the top twenty five in international league tables.

    The film highlights the different teaching methods used and how modules can be individually structured to be geared towards individual students’ needs. The key message of this film is simple: Study Mathematics at the University of Warwick and we set you up for the best chance of a successful career.

    Role: Producer | Director | Camera | Editor

  4. Jewellery Quarter Boxing Squad

    Fighting Fit City Gym had just setup their new boxing squad and were looking for a promotional tool to get that message out there.

    The gym owner, Neil, works closely with the West Midlands Police Service and aims to get disaffected youths back on-track and through rigorous training, instils then with dedication and a strong work ethic.

    Role: Producer, Director, Camera, Editor

  5. The Designers Republic

    Teaser trailer for the upcoming Designers Republic documentary, shot in Tokyo.

    Role: Camera | Editor
    Produced by: Leisure Centre Memories Ltd.

  6. EasyGym

    Promotional tool for the Birmingham branch of easyGym.

    The brief given to me for this film was simple: energy! EasyGym has a great atmosphere and is unlike many other big-name gyms out there, so we wanted fast moving shots, high-impact sequences and personal testimonial to help us deliver that message.

    Brand awareness was also key and wherever I could, I was always trying to frame up angles that brought that striking orange into the frame.

    Role: Camera | Edit
    Produced by Airwaves Media