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Minncraft Boatworks

Minncraft Boatworks Handcrafted Wooden Boats

Meet Minncraft Boatworks

Rob Sheppard founded Minncraft Boatworks in 2011; it was born of a passion for artisan craftsmanship and a love of the water. As an artist he embraces both design and the dedication required for the meticulous process of handcrafting a fine wooden boat.

Our vision is to craft custom, completely hand-built wooden boats. Committed to building and launching limited edition hulls, our attention to detail will always be peerless.

We offer our customers something no one else in the world does: a finely hand-crafted, custom designed, luxury runabout featuring the finest boatbuilding materials available, along with the integrated technology of iPad®/smartphone automation.

Early interest in the Summit 26 is spirited. Custom updates have whetted the appetite of collectors. In fact, Hull #1 is subject to a gentleman’s competition between two sport boat enthusiasts. We plan for Minncraft Boatworks to launch additional Hull numbers of the Summit 26 in 2017.

Sea trials of the prototype were “thrilling and rewarding,” and “allowed my team to adjust and fine tune design details for the Summit 26 production line,” he says. This, the Summit 26 being debuted in 2017, is a culmination of years of design ideas and dreams.

Let us build a boat for you!



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