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  1. Providence Cancer Partnership - Clinic Video

    Providence Regional Cancer Partnership is a collaboration between four leading medical groups sharing territory in the Puget Sound. Together, they realized they could provide top of the line, across the board cancer treatment in a single, convenient location. They just needed to get the word out.
    We were honored when they chose Sierra-Media to handle the video that would be many people’s first introduction to this amazing facility.
    See the full case study here:

  2. WatchGuard - Dimension Visual Security Launch

    "WatchGuard Dimension makes sense of raw security data."

    HMH and Sierra Media paired up to create this video for a product launch for WatchGuard's new Dimension Visual Security.
    The turn around for this project was relatively quick so when we were approached for this project we jumped on it right away. All of the shots were done in our Sierra Media studio, including the live shots of the computer and tablet screens. Thanks to HMH, we were able to share screens with them while they moused around from their studio in Portland, while we recorded each click and scroll movement.
    If you would like to see where this video ended up, you can find it here on WatchGuards website:

  3. Incycle - Intuit: Small Business Big Game

    InCycle, a small start up out of Arlington, WA is competing to win a chance at a Super Bowl commercial. The competition is only for small business and the grand prize is a 30 sec spot during the most tuned in television time of the year. InCyle is the makers of a non-crack, recycled and recyclable cup, which comes in both cold and hot varieties.
    So we paired up with InCycle to create a video that shows off the next big Eco friendly alternative for disposable cups. In this video we traveled to the InCycle plant to see what this cup is all about.

  4. Fluke Networks - TVXG War Room

    "See what happens when a cross-functional IT team is using different tools to identify a performance issue and no one can agree. Then check out the associated videos to see how this whole scenario could be avoided. Learn more";

  5. Hopunion Hops - Ales for ALS with B.T. Loftus Ranches and Bale Breaker Brewing Company

    Featured Brewery Series: Ales for ALS with B.T. Loftus Ranches and Bale Breaker Brewing Company

    "Join Hopunion LLC as we visit B.T. Loftus Ranches, Inc. and Bale Breaker Brewing Company in Moxee, WA to learn about Ales for ALS and what is being done in the craft brewing community to support this worthy cause."

    One of the really cool projects we were commissioned to create was a couple of videos for Hop Union out of Yakima.
    We were in the hop fields for the first few days of harvest. What an amazing agrarian culture, these younger farmers are not what you'd think. Masters degrees in Ag Business or microbiology and they're running the family farms.
    Just so you know, Yakima produces 90 % of the nation's hops, and 33% of the world's hops. What's driving the growth of hop production is the popularity of craft beer. They use at least 3-4 times the amount of hops as mass produced beer.

  6. AirMagnet Spectrum ES - Portable Cellular Spectrum Analyzer

    Fluke Networks and Sierra Media created a series of video how to's for Fluke Networks new AirMagnet Spectrum. The AirMagnet Spectrum ES is a spectrum analyzer that speeds in-building cellular deployments. We filmed for two days in a variety of locations around Everett, including our studio and at Fluke. You can see the rest of these how to's on the Fluke Networks page at