Sidney Lexy Plaut, DFF

Director of Photography - Selected Works
2016 - EPICA award, GOLD PRIZE - Automotive - "FORD Mistakes"
2015 - CPHPIX official selection - "New Danish Talent"
2014 - True Award Nominee, "Best Cinematography, AUDI - Land of Quattro"
2014 - Camerimage nominee, "Best Cinematography Debut Feature"

Direct Contact: +45 40309319 -

kraeftensBekaempelse_Weight Loss_ 7 signs of Cancer

A film for a good cause.
Tech info: Alexa mini, Vintage Zeiss "Raging Bull, Taxi Driver" B- Speeds.
Directed by Michael Toft
Director of Photography: Sidney Lexy Plaut
Prod. Comp: Tiny
Creative Producer: Allan Stenild.