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Demo Reels

A collection of Showdown Visual's yearly demo reels

2017 Cinematography and Color Reel

Here is a look at various projects from 2016 that were shot by Kenny Mosher from Showdown Visual. All clips seen here except "Live Justice" were colored by Kenny Mosher as well.

A huge thanks to all of the crews, producers and directors involved in these projects. You all rock!

Music: Ruelle: Until We Go Down

Productions credits (in order of appearance):

Client: Notre Dame University
Production: Van Wagner Sport and Entertainment
Directors: Kenny and Rachel Mosher

Client: Vitamix
Production: Space Junk
Directors: Mike Beaumont and Brent Jackson

Client: Into Great Brands
Production: Showdown Visual

Client: ABC Raleigh NC
Production: Southern Sky Films
Director: Terry Hart

Client: Columbus Crew SC
Production: Space Junk
Director: Mike Beaumont

Client: Wright State University
Agency: Push.
Production: Showdown Visual
Directors: David Whaite, Mark Unger

Client: McAfee Heating and Air
Production: Showdown Visual
Director: Rachel Mosher

Client: Justice
Production: Space Junk
Director: Brent Jackson

Kenny Mosher, is based out of Ohio and is currently seeking representation in the Midwest. For inquiries contact him at:
Kenny (at) showdownvisual (dot) com

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