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  1. Union Station - Train Concourse

    PTALA's video featuring the advertising and marketing opportunities available in the train concourse of Union Station the main transportation hub in Washington D.C.

  2. Jambu "The Date" Webisode 3

    In webisodes 1 and 2 the girl wearing Jambu shoes gets the guy's attention while her friend consistently falls short. In this final webisode Jambu girl's friend wises up and discovers the power of Jambu.

    Original Music by Ami Kozack
    Produced by Shlomotions/

  3. Soulfarm Music Video

    This is a Soulfarm music video shot with two cameras in C Lanzbom's studio and living room in Monsey, NY

    Produced by Shlomotions & David Zimand

  4. EvoJets Corporate Video

    This is a corporate video shot with one Canon DSLR 7D camera for EvoJets, a private jet charter company. This Video was created for Inc. Magazine as part of Adriann Wanner's top 30 entrepreneurs under 30 award.

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  5. Funky Wood > Gardenel by Moose Convention

    Moose Convention Live @ The Canal room 05/26/11 DVD Song 7 & 8 - "Funky Wood" & "Gardenel."

    Shot with 3 Canon DSLR cameras.

    Moose Convention features:

    Ash Wilens - Guitar, vocals
    Brian Eisenberg - Drums, vocals
    Dave Kaufman - Keys, vocals
    Ami Kozak - Bass, vocals
    To watch the full DVD visit Moose Convention Live @ The Canal Room 05/26/11

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  6. Amichai Lav-Lavie Vertical Wellness Video

    This Video features Amichai Lav-Lavie, Founder and Executive Director of Storahtelling Inc.

    Vertical Wellness is a web based company that was created to showcase video interviews from experts and unique personalities discussing medical advice for preventive purposes and treatments for diseases, exercise practices for your mind, body and soul.

    Produced by Shlomotions & Looseworld