Music for Meditation and Healing Concert Series by His Holiness Dr. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji

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Music for Meditation and Healing ~ Canada Aug 19, 2000

In the 19th August evening, Music for Meditation and Healing was held in Mississauga Living Arts Centre. The imposing concert hall in three tiers was full of anxious people. Sri Gayadath Supersad, president of Datta Yoga Center gave the welcome speech and Sri Bhandari, Consul General of Indian High Commission in Toronto lit the inaugural lamp and in his address profusely thanked Sri Swamiji for visiting Canada and blessing the audience with the healing Music. He traced the development of music and its relation to Yoga as mentioned in the scriptures and quoted several authoritative texts. He also conveyed his admiration for Datta Yoga Center to have the concert organized in such a beautiful hall that even the Indian High Commission had not been able to get.
Violin: Sri Jaitra Varanasi, Mridangam: Sri Shankar Ramesh, Tabla: Sri Manasa Datta, Support Keyboard: Sri Shital