2016 Yukon & Northwest Territories

2016 Dempster Highway - Part 1, Dawson to Eagle Plains

The Dempster is a gravel and muddy highway in Canada's remote high Arctic. It crosses the Arctic circle as it winds its way 750 km's north from Dawson City to Inuvik. It is open most of the year and in the winter, an ice road crosses the Mackenzie and Peel River. The road was completed in 1979 during an oil exploration boom. It is the only all weather road in Canada to cross the Arctic Circle. The road crosses through two mountain passes and traverses long rolling hills and numerous river valleys. The lure of the Arctic brought me back this year to complete the Dempster. In 2015 I only got half way because the Peel River Ferry was not running.

The road is built with an insulating layer of gravel, up to 10 feet, to keep the permafrost from melting. The road surface changes constantly, depends on where the gravel is quarried. Traffic extremely light, an hour can pass without seeing another vehicle.

The vistas are amazing, and the type of vegetation and weather changes frequently. Sometimes mountains with nothing more than a covering of scree, are contrasted by rolling hills of tundra with stunted trees and grasses.

Filmed with:
GoPro 3+ Black ... on my helmet (60 FPS @ 1080P)
GoPro 3+ Silver ... on my side case (60 FPS @1080P)

Eddie Vedder
Song: Society "Into The Wild" Soundtrack

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