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SecondConf 2010

SecondConf ( is a three day conference in Chicago that explores the emerging trends and topics of interest to the iOS and Mac development community. These are the sessions from SecondConf 2010, which took place in Chicago, IL in September 2010.

  1. Gene Backlin: NeXT to X: A Trip Down Memory Lane

    Enjoy the trip back to the days of NeXTSTEP and see the similarities to today’s Xcode. Since the beginning there was Interface Builder, adding Project Builder and then the ability to build quad fat binaries. Followed Gene as he took us from NeXT to X.

  2. Colin Barrett: How to (Not) Be an Indie Freelancer

    Since striking out on his own in 2008, Colin has made a lot of mistakes. In fact, he made a number of mistakes before he even started. It turns out there are a lot of misconceptions out there that cause lots of freelancers —- including Colin —- to make the same types of mistakes over and over. In this talk Colin shared not just stories of some of his own mistakes (and how he recovered), but some of the deeper issues faced by today’s indie freelancer.

  3. Brian Boyer: Principles of News App Development

    Brian shared his principles for news applications development, with a walkthrough of his team’s recent work. He discussed the ethics of news applications and the tools and techniques he uses to tell stories with data.

  4. Ben Collins-Sussman & Brian Fitzpatrick: The Joys of Engineering Leadership

    Are you considered the ‘point’ person for your team? Do you have sweaty palms, headaches, and a calendar full of meetings? You may have an affliction called ‘manager’. 3 out of 4 engineers aren’t aware of this condition, but it is treatable through careful analysis and therapy. Ben and Brian examined how you may have arrived at this state and how you can once again regain your self-respect and the respect of your peers. They retold real-life stories of both good and bad leadership. Learn to lead by following!

  5. Allan Evans: Scroll, Scroll, Scroll Your View

    Table views are nice, but what happens when they don’t quite give you the behavior you need? The iPad presents many opportunities for interface designs that don’t neatly fit in to the boxes that Apple has provided. The solution: roll your own custom scroller! This session discussed how to build a custom scroll object, with emphasis on supporting vertical scrolling in portrait orientation, and horizontal scrolling in landscape orientation.

  6. Ben Gottlieb: How to Avoid Nuking the Fridge

    In 15 years as a mobile independent developer, Ben has learned how to survive and how to thrive. Here are some things he has picked up along the way, and how best to apply them to today’s market and the overall indiescape.

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